Chauvin Arnoux

Chauvin Arnoux®, the Group's eponymous core brand, offers a very broad range of portable measuring instruments for industry, the tertiary sector, housing, government departments, etc.

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Chauvin Arnoux Multi-meter CA5231

The Chauvin Arnoux CA5231 is designed for carrying out general electrical measurements, enabling users to test AC/DC voltage (this includes Low Z voltage), AC/DC current, resistance and tests continuity and diode.
£192.00 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux Multi-meter CA5233

This compact, comprehensive digital multi-meter is equipped with all the functions required by electricians for maintenance of low and medium-power residential and tertiary equipment and installations.
£161.00 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux Multi-meter CA5273

The C.A 5273 is a comprehensive multi-meter for electrical maintenance of installations and small AC and DC machines, with a double 6,000-count backlit display and a 61+2-segment bar graph with remanent effect.
£230.00 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 Power & Energy Logger

Use the PEL103 to perform a comprehensive survey of your electrical installations. Thoughtfully packed with a self-powering Mains Adapter and MA193 MiniFLEX clamps for your convenience.
£1,944.00 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux VX 0100 Electrical Field Tester

EMF's are present in virtually all workplaces. Take action to ensure that employees are protected from adverse effects.
£263.00 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux CA895 Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Chauvin Arnoux C.A 895 is designed for detecting trace amounts of CO (Carbon Monoxide) it is a small and compact CO Meter and is protected by a shockproof sheath, the Physics Line C.A 895 CO-gas detector detects and measures Carbon Monoxide Emissions.
£279.00 incl VAT