Chauvin Arnoux A110 AmpFlex (80cm)

The AmpFlex® A110 Series comprises 3 flexible sensor models for direct connection to any multimeter, wattmeter, logger, etc.
Manufacturer: Chauvin Arnoux
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These flexible coils offer the following major advantages:
•   Their flexible, lightweight design means they can encircle one or more conductors, whatever their shape (cable, busbar, strand, etc.)
•   Large measurement range
•   Bandwidth suitable for industrial frequencies and harmonic analysis
•   No saturation effect, so no overheating
•   Constant low phase shift appropriate for wattmetric measurements

Main specifications:
•   Measurement range: 80 mA to 30 kA
•   4 calibres
•   Sensor length (clamping diameter): 45 cm, 80 cm or 1.20 m (Ø14 cm, Ø25 cm, Ø38 cm)
•   Ingress protection of sensor/processing unit: IP67 / IP54
•   Output signal: AC voltage
•   Output via two-wire lead terminated by 2 x Ø 4 mm straight male banana safety connectors
•   Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries or external µUSB type B 5V
•   Battery life: 300 hours
•   1,000 V CAT IV