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Chauvin Arnoux AX502 Power Supply

The Chauvin Arnoux AX502 Power Supply Double 30V / 2.5A is a regulated power supply that has been specifically engineered with safety and efficiency in mind. It is a very light machine, weighing only 4.5kg, which means that transporting it to a different place is easy and convenient. Digits are clearly displayed on the front of the device in red and green using LEDs.
£453.60 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux BC05 Resistance Box

Single or 5-decade capacitance boxes compliant with the safety standards.
£233.28 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux BL07 Inductance Box

Great for laboratories, educational areas and research and development applications, the Chauvin Arnoux BL07 is used for simulation and substitution of inductance.
£204.77 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux BR07 Resistance Box

Simple resistance boxes and 4, 5 ,6 and 7-decade boxes compliant with the safety standards.
£169.20 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux CA1110 Lightmeter

The C.A 1110 luxmeter (light meter) measures the illuminance of all light sources (LED, Fluo. etc.) up to 200,000 lux in compliance with Class C of the NF C 42-710 standard.
£333.50 incl VAT

Chauvin Arnoux CA1227 Thermo-anemometer

Equipped with a wide backlit display, the C.A 1227 offers all the useful functions for measuring air speed and flow rate in the field, such as Min, Max, Average, MAP and Hold as well as extensive recording capabilities. With the cones available as accessories, it is possible to perform direct flow rate measurements.
£493.48 incl VAT