Lightning & Surge Protection Bundle - Private Licence

Lightning Protection & Surge Protection DVD bundle.
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Both Lightning Protection and Surge Protection DVD titles in one place, get them in this bundle and save £15!


Surge Protection:

This DVD shows practical examples of how to implement protection to meet the requirements of Amendment One of the 17th Edition. Tony Cable and Dave Austin explore the causes of Overvoltages of Atmospheric netic Pulses (SEMPs) and how they can damage electrical equipment.


Lightning Protection:

Lightning is a phenomenal force of nature, which, if it comes into contact with an unprotected building or structure can have devastating results. Sometimes even a strike just in close proximity to a structure can also have disastrous consequences.

This video examines the basic science and theory of Lightning and how to protect against it, the essentials of BS EN 62305 which provides best practice guidance on determining whether a Lightning Protection System is required and the types of solution that will work for different levels of risk, we also consider the components available and look at some practical installations and health and safety considerations.

This video is ideal for both the trainee and professional electrician.

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