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Inspection & Testing Initial Verification for Domestic Properties (17th Edition Amd 3:2015)

This videos explores not only the requirements in BS7671 the 17th Edition for Initial Verification before an electrical installation is put into use, but also demonstrates the practical side including the actual test methods which can be used.
£24.99 incl VAT

Introduction to Surge Protection (SPDs)

Introduction to Surge Protection looks at the requirements introduced with Amendment No.1 of the 17th Edition (BS7671) in Section 534. The function of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), how they work and how they should be connected are explained in detail.
£39.99 incl VAT

Lighting by Design

Presenter Dave Austin considers the design of lighting schemes, for shops, offices and industrial applications. The video looks at the selection of luminaires which are examined in the video “Lighting Sources”.
£24.99 incl VAT

Lighting by Law

Presented by Dave Austin this video examines the often overlooked subject of lighting in the workplace. The video takes into account modern legislation such as the Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations and the Display Screen Equipment Regulations. The video contains information that is of importance to Health & Safety Managers and Installation Designers.
£24.99 incl VAT

Lightning Protection

A look at the theory, practice and installation of a Lightning Protection System.
£39.99 incl VAT

Lines of Power - Module One

This video is presented by Rob Cox and looks at the fundamental parts of Supplying the Network with electrical energy. Rob spends much of his time rummaging around different power stations.
£24.99 incl VAT

Lines of Power - Module Three

In this module Rob Cox examines how power is delivered to the door!
£24.99 incl VAT

Lines of Power - Module Two

In this module presenter Rob Cox examines electrical distribution across the land and sea!
£24.99 incl VAT